Restaurant on Vasilievsky island in St. Petersburg

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Birzhevoi lane, d.1, St. Petersburg

phone +7(812)320-15-06

Our hours are 11:00 to 0:00

Restaurant on Vasilievsky island in St. Petersburg

or by phone +7(812)320-15-06

Czech Beer restaurant «Bogemius»

   The restaurant "Bohemius" menu has changed since January 2016 We added to the assortment artfully cooked carp according to an old Czech recipe. By the tradition, hundreds of tons of mouth-watering carp are eaten in the Czech Republic for Christmas. There are many recipes for its preparation, but we have chosen, perhaps, the best - without dough, crackers and sauces. The recipe was received from grandfather, a cook from a small town GradetsKralov. Then Pavel Hrdina worked as a chef in the PivovarskaBrana restaurant, and at the eighth mug of Prazdroj we were able to catch the secret of cooking a vintage dish. And also learned how to cook the real Katov Shlekh. This dish is also available in our restaurant. At your choice, it will be made for You from traditional pork, beef or chicken.


Our cuisine

   Ones who loves shrimps will appreciate our cuisine too. Grilled black tiger shrimps or green salad of shrimps, calamari and capers will remind you rest on the warm Mediterranean coast. For those who have not yet had time to visit the Kuriles or in South America, we can recommend shrimp platter. Several species of marine crustaceans will leave an unforgettable sense of taste. Boiled Argentine langoustine, deep-fried spiked shrimp bear, spicy Far Eastern shrimp “Botan”, polar shrimp with a special sauce - you can enjoy all this by ordering a shrimp platter to a Czech, Bavarian or Belgian beers.

Someone will probably agree with the Professor Preobrazhenski, who thought that only bad landowners snack vodka cold items. However, landlords knew a lot about food. Therefore, in our restaurant "real vodka snack" enjoys the continued popularity. Caviar "overseas, eggplant" in it, however, is absent. But, for that, pike, trout, salmon caviar and caviar from sockeye will allow lovers of strong drinks to eat them in the best traditions of Russian cuisine.

We are waiting, sir!